Photo of house 'Finchal'Street and House Files

Our House and Street files are an ongoing hive of activity. Every three weeks BHS volunteers call on local real estate agents and collect brochures for houses or land on the market. These are filed into our street files as part of our commitment to keep house files up to date. Where possible the selling price is noted. The BHS believes what happens now rapidly becomes history, especially in Brighton and particularly where property is concerned. Detailed minutes from the every Bayside Council meeting are also collected and information relevant to Brighton properties filed.

Heritage advisors and architects are often to be found at the BHS rooms, glasses perched at the end of their nose, trawling through a street file in the hope it will help them with a plan, an appeal or an idea.

Photo of house 'Pen-y-bryn'Our drawers also hold lots of information on wonderful old Brighton houses and mansions, sadly now long gone with only our files as testament to the fact they once stood at all.

Please, if you have any photos or information at home about where you or your family once lived in Brighton, consider us. We are the repository of memories, the gatherer and the guardian f the past. Click here to contact the BHS.