Select Publications

Researching the History of Brighton

The following publications provide information about the history of Brighton and some of its personalities. This list is intended as a general starting point for research; not as an extensive or exhaustive bibliography. Titles below are available in local libraries in the Bayside district.

Bate, Weston, 1962, A History of Brighton, Melbourne University Press, Carlton.

Glass, Margaret, 1993, Tommy Bent, Bent by name, Bent by nature, Melbourne University Press, Carlton.

Johnson, Roland, 2013, NORWOOD –It changed the face of Melbourne, The Publishing Company with Seventh House Communications.

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Schumer, L. A., 1975, Henry Dendy and his Emigrants, Sallas Books, East Malvern.

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Were, Clive, 1988, A Portrait of J. B. Were and his family, Clive W. Were, Sandringham.